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Modern dentures offer outstanding aesthetics and function, and they aren't the same as the dentures of decades past. If you are missing teeth, it's never too late to restore a full smile.

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Choosing a Tooth Replacement That Works for You

Dentures are just one of the many options offered by Dr. Gangwisch and Dr. Hulsey. Our main concern is to provide individualized services and options tailored just for you. We will listen to your concerns from your perspective first, and then we will make recommendations for treatment.

Replacing missing teeth is important. Your oral health and your confidence in your smile are just two of the reasons you should replace missing teeth. Options such as dentures (full and partial), dental implants and dental bridges maintain the alignment of your bite and prevent other teeth from tilting and shifting into the missing tooth gap. This is not only important for chewing food properly, but also to keep your jaw from over closing and forcing the jaw joint into the socket causing damage and pain. And cosmetically, the way you feel about your smile can influence many aspects of your life, including your social and professional interactions. You deserve to feel great about your smile and to have long-lasting, effective dental options.

Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

When teeth are still present:
  • Implants
  • Bridges
  • Partial Dentures

When all teeth are missing:
  • Implant supported denture
  • Full Denture

The best option for replacing missing teeth are implants. They are the closest to mimicking natural teeth. Titanium cylinders are implanted into the jaw bone and act like tooth roots. This provides a great foundation to support teeth. If the patient is not a candidate for implants due to not having adequate bone, then bridges would be the next choice. Crowns are placed on either side and they suspend an artificial tooth across the gap. Bridges are also great alternatives since they are permanently attached to teeth providing close to natural chewing power. When implants or bridges are not in the cards due to too many missing teeth, inadequate bone, or financial concerns, then dentures would be the final solution for teeth replacement. When there are remaining teeth present, then a partial denture can be constructed. Partial dentures have tabs that rest on the teeth that will keep the denture from driving down into the gums while chewing and has clasps that will help keep the denture from dislodging during function.

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Immediate Dentures

When complete extractions of your remaining teeth are unavoidable, there are two choice on how to proceed. The teeth can be removed and a two-month healing period without teeth would be followed with impressions to start denture construction. This will provide the best fit because the denture can be trial fitted to check for the proper bite and to verify that the smile is perfect. The other alternative is to pre-make the denture which will allow you to avoid the embarrassment of living without teeth. Unfortunately, this solution comes with compromise. There may be no way of checking the fit of the denture or the smile in the mouth prior to extraction. Esthetic compromises may have to be made is some cases to compensate for inadequate space or structural concerns. Also, the gums will continue to shrink over the next few months which will cause the denture to flop around and require denture adhesive to hold it in place enough to function. After six months, the denture will have to be relined with new plastic to fit the healed gums.

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Denture dentist in Lilburn GA, Dr. Richard P. Gangwisch, DDS, MAGD, ABGD, demonstrates how to make a complete denture on an actual patient

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