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The mouth comprises one third of a person’s face and a smile is the window into the inner soul. Therefore, it is very important that you are confident in the appearance of your smile. Our world class dentists have created thousands of beautiful smiles. Choosing the right cosmetic dentist is extremely vital in attaining that dazzling smile. Dr. Gangwisch and Dr. Hulsey are cosmetic dentists in Lilburn, GA. Dr. Gangwisch is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a published author in their prestigious journal. He also teaches cosmetic dentistry at a world ranked dental college. Most cosmetic dental procedures are irreversible, so entrusting your smile to someone who has the experience and expertise should be top on your list when it comes to selecting your cosmetic dentist. Give us a call at Phone770-923-3966 to schedule a consultation with our extremely experienced and highly credentialed Lilburn dentists at Killian Hill Dental Care.

There are a number of different types of cosmetic dental issues: Chips and cracks, stains and discolorations, gaps between the teeth, crooked teeth and misshapen teeth.

Chips and Cracks

Chips and cracks in teeth are extremely common. Many of these can be simply smoothed out with rotary disks. Then, there are other instances when a significant amount of tooth structure is missing. This patient fractured her tooth in an accident. We repaired her tooth the same day as the accident by bonding tooth-colored filling material to the tooth enamel. The cosmetic result is very good initially, but the tooth will need to be permanently restored with a crown (cap) to get long term results. Also, these teeth have a tendency to require root canal treatment in the future.More »

Stains and Discolorations

Stained teeth are a very common problem. Many times, simple bleaching can attain the lost luster. However, many times the stain is too deep for bleaching and needs restoration with bonding material. This patient probably fell when he was about one year old and caused some trauma to the two permanent front teeth that were developing under his gum. We took care of this situation with a type of corrective procedure, done in a single visit, by removing the discolored enamel and replacing it with tooth-colored filling material. In the after photo, the teeth were still very dry from the procedure, so the whitish splotches stand out, but once the teeth were wetted for a while, the color blended really well and the patient was extremely happy. More »

A number of years ago, pediatricians prescribed a drug called tetracycline for their child patients. Unfortunately, it took a number of years to realize that the tetracycline was being incorporated into the tooth enamel and causing a hideous dark gray color. Here is an example of tetracycline staining. The technique used for this patient is called porcelain laminates. In this technique, a small amount (.5mm) of tooth structure is removed from the front of the teeth and then an impression is taken and sent to a laboratory. In the lab, space-age porcelain materials are formed into a very thin piece called a laminate veneer. This porcelain can be formed and colored to appear incredibly tooth-like. The laminates are then tried on the tooth and are glued into place with special bonding materials. An opaquing substance is mixed with the bonding material to mask the dark gray shade of the underlying tooth. More »

This patient had a combination of fluorosis, a mottling of the enamel from excess fluoride and from difficulty in brushing regularly around orthodontic appliances such as braces. Due to the young age of this patient, we decided that the best course of treatment was to go with bonding. Porcelain veneers are a much more permanent solution, but at her age, the gums will recede in the next few years, exposing the margin of the restorations. Since bonding doesn't require any reduction of tooth enamel, it can easily be redone with more permanent porcelain laminates when the gums mature around age 25. Doing the bonding as a teenager can greatly help boost one's self esteem at a very important time of life. More »

Gaps Between the Teeth

Spaces between front teeth is a common issue. Sometimes the gaps can be closed using orthodontics such as Invisalign. In other cases, porcelain veneers are the solution. This patient was unhappy with the spaces between her front teeth. We used the state-of-the-art technique called porcelain laminate veneers to correct her problem. In this technique, a small amount (.5mm) of tooth structure is removed from the front of the teeth and is replaced with an ultra-thin shell of beautiful porcelain. Much care is taken to be certain that the teeth are not widened too much in proportion to their length in order to give a most pleasing natural appearance to them. And her smile tells it all! More »

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can be taken care of with either orthodontics or porcelain veneers. In this case, by utilizing computer technology, we were able to straighten her crooked teeth without the traditional braces and wires. The system utilizes a series of extremely thin clear plastic mouthpieces to slowly move the teeth into their proper place. The aligners are very easy to wear and can be removed to eat and brush. No unsightly metal brackets to ruin the smile and no prongs poking your cheeks. More »

Misshapen Teeth

Sometimes teeth do not form properly. In this case, this lateral incisor, commonly called a peg lateral, is too thin and misshapen. We placed a porcelain laminate to correct the problem. This thin sheet of porcelain is extremely durable and color stable, and many times lasts over twenty years. Minimal tooth enamel is removed to make room for the laminate veneer as opposed to a crown. More »


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