Snap-On Smile (Part II)

In my previous blog, I discussed the indications and contraindications of a Snap-On Smile. A Snap-On Smile is a custom made piece of acrylic plastic that covers the front teeth. It is a temporary, lower cost alternative to permanent cosmetic dental treatment. In order to construct a Snap-On Smile, the dentist will fill all cavities and remove any hopelessly loose teeth. At that point, the dentist will make a custom mold of the teeth with an extremely accurate impression material called polyvinylsiloxane. A model of the teeth that will oppose the Snap-On Smile is made from another mold and a bite impression is taken in order to relate the two models together. Pictures are taken to make sure that the lab has the ability to build the smile in the proper alignment with the face. And, last, but not least, a color is selected. All of this material is sent to a lab where they construct the Snap-On Smile prosthesis. Then the big day comes when the Snap-On Smile is ready for insertion. The new prosthesis is tried in for proper fit and function. With good technique in the preliminary stage, usually adjustments are minimal. And it sure makes for a happy patient to have their smile instantly restored! If you are interested in seeing our video of Snap-On Smile, please follow this link:

Snap-On Smile

Snap-On Smile has been a welcome addition to the dentists bag of cosmetic tools. The name says it all – it’s a smile that simply snaps on. Before one considers a Snap-On Smile, they must understand the indications and limitations. Snap-On Smile is not meant to cover cavities or hopelessly loose teeth. All cavities must be filled ahead of time. Also teeth that have too much bone loss that makes them to shaky to withstand the snapping forces must be removed. Snap-On Smile is not meant to be a permanent solution to a cosmetic dental problem. It is not meant to replace lost function from chewing forces due to lost teeth. What Snap-On Smile is is a lower cost alternative to what can be expensive cosmetic dental procedures. It can cover discolored teeth. It can cover mismatched spacing between the front teeth. It cannot be used where the teeth are too far forward already such as “buck” teeth since a thin layer of plastic will be snapped on over the front teeth. Snap-On Smile allows people to go out in public and feel confident with a big, wide smile and showing off their pearly whites.