Tooth Extractions

A goal of every dentist is to save teeth, however, there are times that the best thing for a tooth is to remove it. If there is not enough room for wisdom teeth – out they come. If the teeth are too crowded, then the orthodontist may recommend extracting some strategic teeth to make room. We can rebuild teeth that are broken down by decay or fracture from the “ground up” but if the damage slips too far below the gums or bone, then the best alternative may be extraction. Fractured teeth many times can be saved by placing a crown or cap over them, however, if the fracture goes too deep into the root, then the only solution is removal. Teeth that have had root canal treatment tend to be very brittle since there is no nerve inside to bathe the tooth with fluid. If these teeth are not restored with a crown, then there is a high likelihood that the tooth will split and need to be taken out. The most common reason for the need for tooth extraction is gum disease. Severe periodontitis (gum disease) can affect many or all teeth in the mouth causing the teeth to loosen and thus will need to eventually be removed.