Gum Disease and Diabetes

There is a connection between periodontal (gum) disease and controlling a diabetic’s blood sugar. A 1997 study of Pima Indians found that when gum disease was eradicated in diabetics, their blood sugar management improved. It is much easier for gum disease to gain a foothold because diabetics are more prone to infection. Thus, the two diseases feed off each other.

It has been found that diabetics who have gum disease are more prone to high blood sugar levels. Due to the fact that this relationship exists, it becomes extremely important for a diabetic to perform very meticulous home care. They should get regular dental examinations at least twice a year along with a thorough professional cleaning. Some diabetics require even more frequent cleanings, maybe up to 4 times per year, accompanied occasionally by scaling and root planing (a very deep cleaning usually done with a local anesthetic). This can be very helpful in managing blood sugar levels in a diabetic.