Bad Breath Remedies (Part I of III)

Bad breath can be caused by many sources: sinuses, lungs, stomach, mouth, and systemic disease. The main remedy for bad breath is not by masking it with potent mouthwashes, but by attacking the problem at the source. Sinus issues can be alleviated by a series of allergy shots and by use of decongestant/antihistamine preparations. Lung problems can be helped by proper diagnosis and handling any infection that may be present. For stomach issues, there are a number of good medications available over-the-counter that can ease acid reflux. Systemic problems such as diabetes should be treated through good medical care from one’s physician. A thorough medical examination is a great first step to rule out other sources before tackling issues with the mouth. After a complete medical exam from a physician, the dentist will examine the mouth and look for issues of gum disease or food impaction. Gum disease starts by forming pockets between the gums and the teeth. Food and bacteria can become trapped in these pockets and cause a foul odor. Open contacts between teeth can also trap food. If that has not been thoroughly cleaned out, bad breath can occur. In these situations, the dentist will recommend treatment to eliminate gum disease or to close the gaps by restoring the contact between the offending teeth.