Bad Breath, Causes

It may not be the “Heartbreak of Halitosis”, but bad breath can make social situations awkward. There is a myriad of causes of bad breath. Just because the air goes through the mouth does not mean that the source of the odor comes from the oral cavity. In addition to the mouth, bad breath can stem from the sinuses, lungs, stomach, or it can even have a systemic origin. In Atlanta, due to the great amount of pollen and allergens floating in the air, post nasal drip is the most common source of bad breath. The drippings will collect in the pharynx or larynx and will cause a malodor to the breath. Lung infections such as bronchitis can also be a source. Regurgitation of stomach contents will impart a rather noxious aroma. Systemic problems such as diabetes can change the breath odor also. Ketoacidosis caused by a sugar imbalance will impart a fruity, but not necessarily pleasant scent to the breath. As far as the mouth is concerned, gum disease and food impaction are the major sources of halitosis.