First Trip to the Dentist (Part II)

A very common question is “What is the best age to bring my child for their first dental visit?” The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends at the appearance of the first baby tooth. Although parents are welcome to bring their children in at that time, in the absence of any obvious decay, we usually start seeing children around their third birthday. Most children are able to sit in the dental chair and get their teeth cleaned and checked at that age. For those who are too fearful, we do a “knee to knee” exam. A parent holds the child in their lap facing them. The parent has the child’s legs straddling their lap, and holds on to their hands. The seated parent faces the seated dentist “knee to knee” and lowers the child so that their head in in the dentist’s lap. Since the child is facing the parent, they remain calmer and are safe from sharp objects since the parent is holding their hands. This way, the dentist can safely examine the child’s mouth, the child does not get out of what they thought would be an unpleasant situation by acting out, and still feels comfortable by being with the parent.