Bone Augmentation for Dentures (Part II of II)

There are a number of techniques available to build up the jaw bone to give a good base for dentures. With autogenous bone grafts, a piece of bone is harvested from another part of the patient’s body. The most common area to get the bone from is the iliac crest. This is the part of the pelvis that lies above the hip joint. The body tolerates the bone graft since it is from the same person, so there is no risk for rejection. However, the surgical procedure that is utilized to obtain the bone can be somewhat debilitating. The feedback that I have gotten from patients is that the hip was much more uncomfortable than the mouth. Another technique is an allograft. This procedure utilizes cadaver bone. The sterilizing and screening techniques make for a wide margin of safety for cadaver bone. And the great news is there is not a need for an additional painful surgical site and long recovery period. Although the surgical success rate is good with allografts, they are still not as predictable as autogenous grafts (utilizing the body’s own tissue). After a few months of healing time, a denture can be safely constructed that should provide years of service.