Bad Breath Remedies (Part III of III)

Bad breath can also be caused by eating and drinking certain foods and liquids. Eating garlic and onions are obvious offenders, but even eating meats can exacerbate unpleasant odor problems. High protein, low carb diets may be great for weight loss because it forces the body to burn off fat. During this process, the liver creates ketones in the blood causing a condition called ketoacidosis and gives the breath a fruity smell. Highly acidic drinks can lower the pH in the mouth allowing sulfur producing bacteria to flourish. This can impart a rotten egg smell. By simply rinsing with plain water can help restore the normal pH and cut down on the proliferation of this type of bacteria. One must be careful about breath mints. That’s not to say that sucking on a simple breath mint after a big, Italian meal presents a problem, but a steady diet of the mints can keep a constant source of sugar which will help fuel bacteria in plaque that makes cavities and causes gum disease.  A natural remedy for bad breath can be green tea after a meal. It has antioxidant properties and odor causing bacteria hate oxygen. Add a cinnamon stick to the tea and its essential oils will help combat the odor as well.