Getting Used to New Dentures

Once new dentures have been delivered, there can be a big learning curve on getting them to function properly. For those who have not had dentures before, it can be a huge adjustment. Chewing power is greatly diminished from the natural teeth. Foods that are extremely hard must be avoided so as to not crack the plastic. Food should be cut into smaller pieces and should be distributed to both sides of the mouth so that the denture does not get dislodged during function. One must learn to manipulate the cheek, lip, and tongue muscles in order to keep the suction seal intact and (especially on the lower) to keep it in place while chewing. The dentures are kept in place by a thin layer of saliva which helps maintain a suction to keep an upper denture from falling. But moving ones lips the wrong way can cause the denture to lose suction. Food will taste different because plastic is covering the roof of the mouth which insulates it from temperature and changes the appeal of food. Speech will also have to be re-learned, especially “s” sounds. It is helpful to go into a room alone and repeat “Mississippi” over and over again until an “s” can be easily articulated.