IV Sedation in Dentistry

It is not unusual to have some apprehension before a dental appointment. Most, if not all, of that normally goes away once the area to be treated has been numbed. However, some people have dental phobias, usually related to past, unpleasant experiences that make even a routine dental visit a stressful occasion. For most of these people, either nitrous oxide and/or oral sedation is adequate to quell the fears, but there are still a few who need deeper sedation. There are a number of wonderful medications that can be delivered intravenously. Since these are given IV, they can be titrated (adjusted) to the perfect level for each individual patient. We use Versed (midazolam) in our office. It is a very safe sedative that can fully relax a patient, but keep their protective reflexes and their ability to respond to commands intact.

Monitor vital signs

We monitor vital signs continuously to assure the highest level of safety. It is important that the patient does not have anything to eat or drink after midnight. They also must have a ride home after the procedure and should not drive or operate machinery for the next 24 hours. The addition of IV sedation to a dentist’s armamentarium can make a dental procedure extremely pleasant for even the most fearful patient.