Tooth Knocked Out On The Ball Field

Knocked Out Tooth Splinted

Knocked Out Tooth Splinted The Day Of The Accident

Tooth Knocked Out After

Knocked Out Tooth After Healing Period Is Restored By Dr. Gangwisch With Cosmetic Bonding

In my dental career, I have had the opportunity to assist two people who have had a tooth knocked out at a sporting event. The second one was during a baseball game that I was coaching. My left fielder ran at fullspeed right into the outfield fence. He was down on the ground while the ball was in play, then while I was running out to check on him (it was a high school field, so I had to run quite a ways to get to him), he got up and came to me with something in his hand. It was his front tooth. It turns out that of the ten foot sections of the cyclone fence, he would decide to choose the few inches of pole to collide with. Needless to say, when it came to tooth¬†versus¬†pole – the pole won. There were no facilities at this field (it was serviced by a Port-A-John), I had him roll the tooth around in his mouth to clean it. Then, after asking his parent’s permission, I reinserted it back into the socket. He handled it very well for a 14 year old because I could tell he saw stars when I put it in. After the game, I took him over to my office, opened up the tooth and placed medicine inside and then splinted it to the surrounding teeth with braces. Later I did a root canal on the tooth and removed the braces then and rebuilt the chipped tooth. Now his smile looks as good as new.