Digital Dental X-Rays Part II

digital dental x-rayWe recently added a digital x-ray system to our office. It has been a very welcome addition. With it, we bought a computer for each treatment room. We are now able to take the x-rays and blow them up to the size of the computer screen. No more squinting through a magnifying glass to search for little cavities. The images can also be rotated or enhanced. The images’s contrast can be sharpened to make previously undetected cavities jump out on the screen. With the larger images on the screen, it is much easier to explain to the patient about the need for a particular dental treatment.  Although the pages are stored digitally and backed up regularly, we still print a “hard copy”. Having that copy in hand has saved us during times when the server was down. With the x-rays stored on the server, they can be viewed at the touch of a button. They can also be emailed to specialists or to insurance companies. Technology allows life to keep getting easier.