See What Our Patients Say About Us!

Patients were asked the question "What did you like best about us?"
This is what they said:

Very concerned for my welfare!  Very kind.  The root canal that you gave me never gave me any pain!  Thank you for the great job!   MZ

Friendly staff and Dr. Gangwisch makes sure that I'm not in pain.   FS

Up-to-date techniques and friendly service.   DR

Exceptionally friendly and welcoming staff.  CM

Very friendly staff - gentle - TV's are good too.  Anonymous

Attention to patient comfort.   TR

Fast, proficient service.  Staff is very friendly.  Much appreciated.   CR

You are very honest and a very good dentist.   BC

Everything - Late hours, responsive staff, looking out for the patient, not taking advantage of me.  Thank you for all that you do!   JF

Everyone is so friendly and explained the procedures that I had done thoroughly.   EF

Donna was very thorough and did a good job.  It did not hurt.   GT

Friendly dentist and the whole staff.  The coupon helped us in our dental needs especially since my family doesn't have dental insurance.   JC

Courtney - She's very personable and wonderful   TL

Very professional - no pain.   KL

The staff is great.  Donna was wonderful.   SS

Everyone in the office was very pleasant and attentive.   CD

Consistent friendliness from everyone, and knowing that only the necessary services are done.   DS

The whole staff is very friendly and personable.   BD

The way that I am treated - very kind and friendly.  Great dental chairs - so comfortable.  Outstanding doctors and hygienists - Dr. G and Courtney take good care of my teeth and I enjoy the services that they provide.   DV

Promptness and service - Nancy was gentle and thorough.   LV

Good quality of treatment and friendly staff.  Also, good follow-up of prior treatments.   HM

I have been a long time patient.  I appreciate your friendliness, professionalism, and genuine concern.   MW

The service and the TV above the chair.  I loved the $100 coupon.  I already told my parents to visit your office.  Thanks so much!   JP

Efficient, nice, honest.   KM

Courtney - she's definitely a "keeper" - always smiling, friendly, and very gentle.   BL


Nancy is awesome.  Dr. G is awesome.   MT

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