Orthodontics For Crowded Teeth Without Braces

Crowded teeth before being straightened with retainers only

This patient had the beginnings of crooked teeth.  We now know that by utilizing modern orthodontic techniques at as early an age as possible, many future problems can be alleviated and in some cases even totally eliminated.  For this little girl, we used a retainer called a Schwarz appliance.  The center screw in the appliance was slowly widened over about a year's period.  This changes the shape of the actual jawbone during an active growth period.  This expansion of the jawbone allows for more room for the teeth and will either eliminate the need for extracting permanent teeth or may even totally eliminate the need for braces later on.

Teeth retainer used to straighten teeth

   Crowded teeth after being straightened with retainers only

Pretty smile of this eight year old patient after her crowded teeth were straightened with retainers only